Bake Off Series – Dessert Week
14 October 2022

This week’s Bake Off episode got back on track with a Dessert theme – and contained a lot of delicious looking dishes! With the contestants making a Lemon Meringue Pie, and a Show Stopper with a ‘Hidden’ Surprise, the episode brought everything from birthday cakes, planets, bees and, of course, booze!

Originating back from the 16th Century, the word ‘dessert’ come from the French word desservir, which when broken down, translates to ‘clear the table’ and ‘to serve’, first featuring in an English health publication journal by William Vaughan. Later down the line, in 2011, Michael Krondl in fact explained that traditionally dessert would be served once all other plates on the table had been cleared.

How did you find this week’s Bake Off? Do you fancy making a ‘hidden surprise’ dessert? We not only have some tips from our professional chefs, but an excellent recipe to try out your skills!

To make our ‘hidden surprise’ Liquid Caramel Cupcakes, you will need very little equipment, just 2 piping bags (one for the filling, one for the topping) and piping nozzles, if you have them. Our top tips from our expert chefs on the best piping technique are below;

Tip 1 – Roll the top of the piping bag down over your hands to prevent getting messy, and prevent the icing from popping out over the top of the bag while icing

Tip 2 – Use a spatula to transfer your icing or meringue mix to the piping bag, pressing it down in to the bag each time. Do not overfill the bag – start with 2-3 scoops of mix to prevent the bag from the bursting and give you enough material to twist the end at the top of the bag.

Tip 3 – When piping, position one hand underneath the nozzle to guide the icing, and one hand behind the top of the bag to control the pressure (and speed) of the icing.

Want to see more? Check out our video here to see our chefs in action and sign up here to gain access to the recipe and the online tutorial with our resident expert Ben, to get all his tips and tricks and support from a professional at your fingertips!

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