What to expect

Learn the secrets behind producing restaurant quality bread, afternoon tea pastries, scones and desserts at home!

In this FREE THREE DAY class our head chef Ben Mariner along with other guest tutors will be taking you through everything you need to know to impress your family and friends, with three days of easy step by step classes. All of the classes are also recorded so you can study whenever you like.

Submit your creations to get direct feedback from the chefs if you wish and get the chance to ask questions directly to the tutors with our messaging support system.

Study Anytime
1:1 Support
Any Skill Level
Day 1
On day one David Drohan from St. John’s bakery in London will be showing you how to bake fresh white bread quickly and easily at home with only Flour, yeast, salt and water.

You will also learn how to make beautiful, personalised fondant biscuits that are perfect for entertaining or as gifts

Day 2
Day two is all about desserts. Ben Mariner will be taking you through a 10 minute peanut and chocolate dessert that is perfect for whipping up on the double. In the second lesson of the day Ben will be teaching his lemon parfait dessert for impressing at dinner parties and special occasions
Day 3
Day three is afternoon tea! You will be learning how to make the perfect scones to compliment sandwiches made on your day 1 freshly baked bread The second class covers liquid centre caramel cupcakes for something sweet to finish off your afternoon tea If you are ready to learn more pastries to add to your afternoon tea along with over 50 other lessons and live classes then you will also have the opportunity to join as a member for a free 30 day trial and continue your baking journey!
What can I do after?
After you finish the course you’ll be ready to become a pastry school member!

All new members get 30 days free and access to 40+ lessons taught by top chefs from 1-3 Michelin starred restaurants on how to make their signature cakes, pastries, breads and desserts.

30 day trials are also commitment free so you can cancel anytime. If you do decide to stay however, membership is only £7.99 per month, which can also be cancelled at any time.

Members have access to all video lessons, 1:1 email support from our chefs, baking theory and Bonus recipes, not to mention new live classes every month!

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