The Best Chocolate Mousse Recipes
18 November 2022

The Best Chocolate Mousse Recipes

Good chocolate mousse recipes can be hard to come by. I think that most of the reason for this is that when a mousse is too thin, they will increase the chocolate rather than use gelatine.


This create a dense, thick mixture that is more like a delice or ganache. This also isn’t helped by recipes calling for whipped cream, creating the image of thick pipeable cream which is far to whipped for mousses and will cause it to split and be very dense.

When whipping cream for mousses, you know you have the right consistency when you can pull out the whisk and the cream drizzles slowly back into the bowl in a continuous stream.


When using mousses, especially for petit gateaux or mould work it is essential that when the mousse is finished it is pourable. If you finish the recipe and before it is set you can scoop it up with a spoon, it is too thick.


With dark and milk chocolate mousses, if you want to add a flavour in the form of a puree all you need to do is to replace the milk with puree or juice.


Dark Chocolate Mousse Recipe

With dark chocolate mousse it is important that you use good quality chocolate. This will make a huge difference to the final product and I would recommend something like Valrhona’s Manjari or a Tuscano Black from Amedei. The best chocolate mousse recipes use the best chocolate

Again, be careful to keep your cream barely whipped, it should be light but still look liquid, “If it holds it’s shape you’ve made a mistake” as I always say (/made up about 3 seconds ago). It’s so bad you might just remember it now.

Milk Chocolate Mousse

Milk and dark chocolate mousses are pretty much the same, If you want to infuse flavour either replace the milk for puree/ juice or infuse the milk with the flavour you need. It all depends on the ingredient. If you do use infusing for things such as spices, make sure you pass it through a sieve before using for the mousse. No one likes eating a whole clove.

White Chocolate Mousse Recipe

With white chocolate mousse you need to be careful that you work quickly. This will set very fast and if you are using it for moulding it will end up causing bubbles if the mousse is too set when you pipe it into the moulds. To give yourself more time before the mix sets you can always pre-melt the chocolate and also make sure that the butter is as soft as possible.

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