Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Instead of selling individual courses, we have made the content from all our courses available in our members area which is just £4.99 per month!

This provides more value for our members and makes learning more accessible to everyone

This member’s area is split into 3 sections:

Video lessons from ex-Michelin star restaurant chefs showing step by step recipes on classics, baking and desserts for all skill levels.

“Written recipes”
For chefs and advanced home cooks to draw inspiration from more complex recipes.

“Knowledge base”
Contains information and theory on all different ingredients.

We add more content every month so you will always have fresh recipes to try and lessons to take!

How much do I pay?
All you pay is £4.99 per month, there is no contract and you can cancel at anytime
How long does it take?
There is no set time recommendation for the lessons. Take them in the order you like at your own pace.
Can I cancel?
Absolutely, you can cancel at anytime. This can easily be done with one click in the “cancel” tab in the members area.
Do I get a certificate?
Yes, we do make certificates for our members depending on which lessons they have completed, however this is not an official qualification.
Can I ask questions?
Yes, just click the “talk to the chef” button at anytime to contact the team and get all your questions answered.
What lessons do you have this month?
At the moment we have these lessons in the members area:

Raspberry tarts
Praline macarons
Fresh White bread
Crispy flatbread
Eton mess dome
Apple mousse cake
Black Forest dessert
Like crème brulee
Toffee sauce
Sweet pastry
Caramel éclairs
Choux pastry
Sugar syrup
Crème patisserie
Chocolate cookies
Chocolate sauce
Chocolate Ganache
Exotic cheesecake
Buttermilk panacotta
Carrot cake
Banana bread
Caramel sauce
Lemon posset