In a nutshell, Hyfoamer is a dairy protein that has been designed to mimic the foaming properties of egg whites. The ingredient can be used to replace or improve the use of egg whites and can be ideal for temperature sensitive dishes.

Hyfoamer Without Egg Whites

Want to make your dish more presentable but don’t want the added flavor of the egg white? Use Hyfoamer in conjunction with Xanthan Gum or sugar to bind with juice, then blitz or whisk andyou’ll get the perfect foam. This specialized ingredient can also be used to turn fruit juices into puffs that can be used like macaron shells.

A few of the properties of Hyfoamer are

  • Will hold up to 12x more air volume when added to egg whites
  • Will holdalcohol foams
  • Stabilizes with xanthan gum or sugar
  • Will remain stable with heat and acid when used with xanthan gum

Hyfoamer With Egg Whites

Hyfoamer can also be used to enhance the foaming properties of egg whites. Adding a small amount to a souffle mixture will not only stabilize but also lift the final product to 12x more in air volume. This means Hyfoamer can be used for egg-free marshmallows and macaroon recipes.

Moreover, because Hyfoamer is heat and cold resistant, you can add to a wide variety of dishes. Here are a couple of reasons why youmight want to consider using Hyfoamer.

  • Quick and hassle-free foaming
  • Consistent foaming quality
  • No risk of overbeating