The Best Baking Classes in London
1 January 2022

Best Baking Classes in London

Fancy getting out for a group class, or staying in for a baking class in your own kitchen? Here is our top 5 choices of baking classes in London. Turning you from micro chef to master chef in no time.

Bread ahead

Bread ahead are famous for their amazing breads and doughnuts originally from the borough market bakery. This has been open since 2000 and a standout for me ever since I moved to London in 2010 for a place to get the best doughnuts in town. In 2014 they opened a baking school which now features doughnut masterclasses at the bakeries in Borough market, Chelsea and Wembley.

At £90 for a 3 hour masterclass it is on the higher end for cooking class prices but well worth it if you are as serious as us about doughnuts.

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Leith’s West London

Leith’s is a great school for the more confident cook or those who want to start a career as a chef.

They have built up a great reputation as one of the leading professional schools in the UK and there is a huge selection of courses to choose from.

They offer day classes for £100-£200 and feature well known chefs and producers. Online classes are also available and worth checking out for a cheaper option.

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The Online Pastry School

Of course we had to put ourselves on the list. The reason it isn’t a countdown is that coming in at number one would definitely be bias.

The Online Pastry School however does fully deserve to be on the list, being the cheapest and most content rich option.

Currently memberships are just £7.99 and come with a free month (cancel anytime) trial. You only pay if you want to stay.

For just £7.99 you get access to a library of lessons with a wide mix of teachers taking you step by step through beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. You can learn everything from brownies to bread and join in regular live classes.

There is also the option to talk to the chefs and get help and support whenever you need it.

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Bake with Maria

Bake with Maria offers both in person courses, online courses and cooking holidays. Catering to every budget, Bake with Maria is a great one to check out no matter your skill level in the kitchen.

Gift vouchers are also available from £30-£200

In person classes cost around £85 on average per person

Online classes cost around £30 where you can learn everything from macarons to gingerbread.

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Although not based entirely on baking it would be a shame not to mention Migrateful. They are a cooking school who offer both on and offline classes led by migrant chefs who are struggling to integrate and access employment, due to legal and linguistic barriers.

This is a great place to hear stories and get in touch with authentic cuisine, you will also be supporting those in your community and helping migrants get employment doing what they love.

In person classes cost around £40 and online from £20

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Get a free month of online lessons

with pastry chefs and bakers from some of the best restaurants in the world and learn the secrets to producing Michelin quality bakes and desserts, even if you are a beginner!

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