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About The Podcast

Cooked Podcast follows chefs Sam, Ben and Russel on a journey around the world of food. From the latest news, recipes, unbelivable history and stories. 

The boys will also answer your questions if you submit them via Twitter or Facebook (links at the bottom of this page)

The podcast is for anyone with a passion for food, from amateurs to chefs wherever you are in the world. 

Click the video above for a taster of the podcast and click “listen now” to get all episodes on spotify!

What’s on the agenda?


The latest food and restaurant news happening at home and around the world 


Weekly recipes and videos from restaurant quality food to homemade snacks. 


The latest on what is happening in the resaurant scene, from new openings to reviews and interviews 

Meet Your Chefs

Ben Mariner

Sam Davies

Russel Troth

“Right, so I’ve found an old hedgehog recipe”

“Anything less than 5% is definitely a soft drink”

“So Macdonalds are launching a new range of scented candles.”

Let’s Cook Together!

Coming soon

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