What is Gelatine?
The first thing to understand when looking at gelatine is what it actually is. Gelatine is a colourless and flavourless ingredient, that is commonly derived from collagen from animals. It can come in two forms when used in baking, either a brittle sheet or as a powder, but most recipes will call for the sheets to be used. The sheets need to be soaked in water to change the consistency from a brittle sheet to a gummy consistency.

Using Gelatine in baking

Gelatine is used in many different baking products, mainly being used as a gelling agent. Some of the most common desserts or bakery items that contain gelatine can include trifles, marshmallows and jellies. It is also very commonly used in confectionary products like gummy bears and other chewy sweets.

It is important to understand how best to use gelatine, as there can be some mistakes that could be easily made and can have significant problems in the end product. Firstly, it is important to know that gelatine will only set once it has chilled. This means that in using it you should always allow for the time required for the product to cool and set completely.

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