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Welcome to the Online Pastry School, and our range of online baking and patisserie courses. Ben Mariner and his fantastic team of highly experienced bakers and pastry chefs have worked tirelessly to produce pastry chef courses designed for anybody with a passion for baking and pastry. Ben and his team have many years of experience as pastry chefs and bakers all around the world, and at the highest level of their respective fields, and they have put the benefits of those years of experience to good use in creating the best online courses, covering from bakery basics all the way to fine patisserie and desserts ready to really elevate your dinner party or restaurant menu.


In our members area, for just £4.99 a month, you will have access to a new type of pastry chef courses, providing you with videos and recipes compiled by our specialist bakers and plated dessert coaches. If you are a home baker wanting to develop your skills in desserts, breads and cakes our online patisserie courses can help you produce top quality restaurant desserts, and our bakery courses will let you bring the true feeling of a french boulangerie right into your own home.


If you are an aspiring professional chef searching for the perfect dishes to elevate your restaurant menu you can find the perfect online course for you in our exclusive members area. Ben’s patisserie course on plated desserts will guide you through producing dishes to really elevate a restaurant menu, and allow you to benefit directly from the knowledge of a chef with experience at the very top of the industry.


On top of our amazing online pastry chef courses you will also have access to our incredible collection of important information, giving you all of the information you need to know about ingredients, techniques and even molecular gastronomy. Put together by our highly trained chefs and bakers, you will have access to an extensive glossary of key terms, as well as breakdowns of some of the key elements of baking. With access to all of this information, as well as the patisserie courses and bakery courses, you will have everything you need to succeed and develop your pastry skills to the very highest level.

To begin your journey, and to start to get the benefits of our online pastry chef courses and extensive resources, with new recipes and courses being added all the time, go to and join Ben and the rest of his team.

What you will learn

The Online Pastry School offers beginner, intermediate and advanced pastry lessons for you to complete.

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