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Ben Mariner
About the course
Learn the secrets behind producing restaurant quality bread, afternoon tea pastries, scones and desserts at home!

In this FREE THREE DAY class our head chef Ben Mariner along with other guest tutors will be taking you through everything you need to know to impress your family and friends, with three days of easy step by step classes. All of the classes are also recorded so you can study whenever you like.

Submit your creations to get direct feedback from the chefs if you wish and get the chance to ask questions directly to the tutors with our messaging support system

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Day 1
On day one David Drohan from St. John’s bakery in London will be showing you how to bake fresh white bread quickly and easily at home with only Flour, yeast, salt and water.

You will also learn how to make beautiful, personalised fondant biscuits that are perfect for entertaining or as gifts

Day 2
Day two is all about desserts. Ben Mariner will be taking you through a 10 minute peanut and chocolate dessert that is perfect for whipping up on the double.

In the second lesson of the day Ben will be teaching his lemon parfait dessert for impressing at dinner parties and special occasions

Day 3
Day three is afternoon tea! You will be learning how to make the perfect scones to compliment sandwiches made on your day 1 freshly baked bread

The second class covers liquid centre caramel cupcakes for something sweet to finish off your afternoon tea

If you are ready to learn more pastries to add to your afternoon tea along with over 50 other lessons and live classes then you will also have the opportunity to join as a member for a free 30 day trial and continue your baking journey!

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How Long Does It take?

We estimate that most people will be able to complete the course within 3 days by setting aside a few hours per day. 

Do I get a certificate?

Not for this course, however just get in touch to find out which certificated courses are currently available!

Can I ask Questions?

Absolutely, our chefs are on hand to answer your questions 24/7 with our chat features

Your instructors
Ben Mariner
Ben Mariner is the owner and plated desserts coach at The Online Pastry School. His Career started at age 13 working at a number of restaurants and boutique hotels in Dorset before earning a full scholarship with The Royal Academy of Culinary arts at just age 16.

After training with the Royal Academy he was sent to one of London’s iconic five star Hotels, The Goring. It was here that Ben’s career started to take shape. After five years at the hotel he progressed to Pastry Chef de Partie, along the way taking part in the preparations for the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011. This was followed by the honour of cooking for HRH Queen Elizabeth and members of numerous royal families from all corners of the world. T he icing on the cake came in 2013 when the restaurant won its first ever Michelin star since its opening in 1910.
After leaving the Goring in December 2015, Ben traveled to Melbourne, Australia to take on the role of research and development chef for celebrity chef and Master chef Australia judge, Darren Purchase.

During his time in Melbourne, Ben produced cakes and patisserie for the Melbourne based pastry shop as well as the products used for the opening titles of Master chef Australia, the VIP lounge at Formula One grand prix, the Australian open and the Melbourne cup.
Two years later Ben was head hunted for a return to London, now working part time as head pastry chef and running the Online Pastry School with help from a fantastic team of six.

David Drohan
David Drohan is our bread and bakery tutor at the Online Pastry School. David brings with him 14 years of experience in kneading, shaping and baking and the benefit of this is available for you to help you create bakery quality products at home. Having started his career aged 14 working with a caterers and wedding cake maker, David has been producing quality produce for half of his life.

David is a former graduate of the prestigious Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, being granted a scholarship under their Specialised Chef Scholarship, becoming one of an average of 18 graduates who successfully complete this intense programme each year. He spent 3.5 years working as a pastry chef for the country’s only seaside 5 star hotel, specialising in bread, baking and patisserie.

Upon his return to London, David worked for several different businesses as a pastry chef, including high profile restaurant openings and the VIP lounge of the O2 arena. During his time as a pastry chef he developed and produced pastry items for Vogue magazine, as well as high profile events and functions.
David then transitioned to a role in management, and has managed multiple bakeries and restaurants across London. He is currently manager of St JOHN Bakery in Neal’s Yard, and manages the retail branch of a company renowned for its high quality doughnuts, as well as croissants and freshly baked breads daily.

He comes to the Online Pastry School as a pastry chef instructor, looking to pass on the benefits of his years of experience and skill to all levels of aspiring bakers and pastry chefs.

Felicite Kidabili
Felicite Kidabili is a classically trained, professional chef de patisserie with experience working in London and Paris. In a career spanning more than 16 years she has held senior positons within Michelin star restaurants and in some of Europes’s most prestigious hotels.

She has trained and worked with leading figures in the industry
including Eddy Benghanem at Le Ritz Paris and Pierre Gagnaire at Sketch.

Now owner and head chef of her own brand, La Sweet Galerie, Felicite pours all her experience into creating cakes and hand-made biscuits. Her products marry traditional techniques and classic flavour combinations with a flair for
modern, striking designs.

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Members have access to all video lessons, 1:1 email support from our chefs, baking theory and Bonus recipes, not to mention new live classes every month!

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