‘A la carte

A menu term indicating that each item is priced separately.

‘A la minute

Dishes that are prepared at the last moment or are made to order.

‘A la mode

A French term meaning in the manner of or in the style of.


A French term that denotes the rolling out of dough.


A French term that describes a rolled out piece of pastry into thin sheets.

Abassador cake

A gateau that’s flavoured with Kirsch and filled with buttercream and then covered with a thin layer of almond paste.

Abernathy biscuit.

A firm cracker flavoured with caraway seeds. Created by a Scottish Dr as a digestive cure


A Swiss dessert made with sponge cake and pastry cream flavoured with chestnut alcohol .The cake is finished with coffee flavoured fondant and garnished with. chopped pistachios

Aboukir almonds.

A petit four of green coloured marzipan studded with two roasted blanched almonds dipped into sugar syrup and cooled, forming a hard crust.


A Brazilian porridge of coconut milk and rice flour that is steamed , usually in banana leaves.


Also known as gum arabic. A food additive derived from the acacia tree. It can be used as a emulsifier, thickener or flavouring agent in processed foods.


A noncaloric artificial sweetener. It is 200 times sweeter than  sucrose and retains it’s sweetness when heated, unlike other artificial sweeteners  Used in many foods including puddings , gelatin desserts, candies and yogurt.

Aceto dolce

Refers to a jam like fruit spread made by preserving fruit in vinegar and then cooking it with honey and grape juice.


Bacteria  that create lactic acid and acetic acid by eating sugars present in bread dough. This creates a distinct sour flavour in the bread.