Bake Off Series – Biscuit Week
10 October 2022

Week 2 – Biscuit Week

**Contains Subtle Spoilers**

Were you inspired by Biscuit Week? Do you want to make a set of perfect macarons, or even a functional mask from biscuits?  Then look no further – we have some tips and recipes for you to make things a bit easier at home!

The bakers faced biscuit-related tasks this week, and while we don’t have a solution for how to make a mask from biscuits (because let’s face it, unless you’re on Bake Off, why would you want to??), but we do have some tips from our expert chefs on how to master the basics when it comes to biscuit baking.

If you’re a Beginner Baker, and wondering where to start, why not try a shortbread biscuit? In a survey by Biscuit People Magazine, 61% of UK households claiming this is one of their favourite biscuits, shortbread always features in the UK’s Top 10 Biscuit List. Easy to adapt for different flavours, these tips will help guide you through the process;

Tip 1 –Use a recipe with a high percentage of butter. The butter coats the gluten chains in the flour and stops them linking together or being stretched (as you do with bread) this means that they don’t become elastic and the shortbread stays short (crumbly)

Tip 2 – Don’t beat your mixture too much when you cream the butter and sugar otherwise it rises too much

Tip 3 – When cutting our individual biscuits, cook it halfway, then cut the shapes into the sheet and then finish off the cooking (removing the trimmings after it’s fully cooked). This prevents them losing their shape – cutting them after they will often cause the biscuits to break as they cool down.

For more guidance on how to make good shortbread, check out our chefs’ video here  and subscribe here for the full recipe.

If you’re confident with biscuit making, and see yourself as more advanced, why not try making macarons? Requiring slightly more attention to details (and patience!) these delicacies can be beautiful when perfected, and great for entertaining.

Make the perfect meringue mix by following our video here and sign up here to get the full recipe for Chocolate Macarons 

Give it a go, and try something new. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @theonlinepastryschool for a chance to be featured!

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