Bake Off Series – Mexican Week
13 October 2022

This week’s Bake Off episode took a slightly unexpected turn, focusing on regional cuisine rather than a style of baking. With the ‘Mexican’ theme for the week, bakers made a sweet bread pan dulce for the signature task, steak tacos for the technical and a milk-soaked tres leches cake for the showstopper. What a week!


With viewers slightly confused (and Prue by the look on her face) at the concept of bakers making tacos, the episode covered a range of traditional Mexican dishes, which a large number of viewers had never heard of.

Despite the confusion, Mexican cuisine is rapidly increasing in popularity in the UK, with brands such as Old El Paso and Luchito taking up more space on our supermarket shelves, and consumers turning to Mexican themed home cookery kits to improve their taco making skills. According to Speciality Food Magazine, Mexican cuisine continues to remain in consumers Top 5 cuisines, with Peckham dedicating an annual 2-day festival dedicated to Mexican street food and drink.

What is it we like about Mexican food? While there is no concrete research, many experts put it down to the bold, exciting flavours. From the use of chilli, lime and fruit, sometimes all together, Mexican cuisine gets our tastebuds tingling, and not just with the food; Margarita cocktails are now also a favourite of the UK consumer, with the combination of tequila, lime and salt providing an all-round pleasurable experience for all the senses.

Is all this talk of spicy, citrus and tantalising food making your tastebuds tingle? We have just the recipe for you! Inspired by Mexican flavours, our Marinated Pineapple with Chilli and Lime Dessert is simple to make and a light and fresh way to end a meal.

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