Gluten Sensitivities
10 December 2021

Gluten Sensitivities

The following 3 varieties of gluten sensitivity are adopted terms. These explain a varying degree of one of the causes of reactions to gluten or wheat. Since they are so widely used, it is important that it features in this list in order to prevent confusion. Categorizing people with separate conditions under the same umbrella. Whilst they may not be true allergens, from a chef’s point of view they should be treated the same. As Well with the same care as allergies as they can still be harmful.

Dermatitis Herpetiformis

Affecting 1 in 3,300 people this is known more commonly as gluten rash. It is a red and extremely itchy skin rash. This is why people can easily adopt the term gluten allergy. Medically, an allergy to gluten is unrecognized. The term has been adopted by word of mouth.

The rash is caused by clogs in small blood vessels of the skin. This is where antibodies latch on to gluten proteins believing them to be a threat to the body. They release a chemical called complement which causes the rash. This can also damage the parts of the intestines that allow the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Coeliac Disease

Coeliac disease is a disorder in which your immune system responds abnormally to gluten. Eating gluten as a coeliac will cause your immune system to destroy your villi. This are parts of the small intestine that are responsible for absorbing nutrients. Without healthy villi, coeliacs can become malnourished and unable to absorb the vitamins and minerals needed for bodily functions. This is an extremely serious condition and all steps must be taken to avoid gluten contamination.

Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS)

NCGS refers to people without coeliac disease who still experience uncomfortable symptoms consuming gluten. This is the most common condition and can be mislabelled as gluten intolerance. This is not particularly dangerous like coeliac disease, however, you must take steps to prevent contamination.

Common Symptoms

  • Mental Fatigue
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Headaches

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