Toffee sauce is a very commonly used sauce for desserts, especially for dishes like sticky toffee pudding. Toffee sauce should be a rich and sticky consistency, and provide a warming quality to a dish it is served with.

Toffee sauce is very simple to make, and should be a key staple for any pastry chefs, as it can be very versatile and can be amended in many ways, including adding additional flavourings like salt.

Brown sugars 

Soft and light brown sugars are found a lot in baking.  Brown sugar usually refers to fine granulated sugar that has had a small amount of molasses added to it for better colour and flavour. The strength and amount of molasses used will determine the different grades of colour and how soft and sticky the sugar is. 

This can be done by boiling the sugar with molasses and allowing it to re-crystallise or simply by “painting” where the two are blended together until the molasses is evenly blended through the sugar.  


Muscovado sugar 

Derived from the Spanish word meaning ‘unrefined’ it is sometimes called Barbados sugar. Muscovado is made by the same method as light and dark brown sugars, however the concentration of molasses is slightly higher. (6% for light and 18% for dark)

Used mostly for its colour and flavour.

Toffee Sauce Ingredients:

  • 1136g Double cream
  • 454g Butter
  • 816g Dark brown sugar

Toffee Sauce Recipe:

  • Add the cream and dark sugar to a saucepan and bring to the boil to dissolve the sugar. 
  • Once the sugar has dissolved remove the pan from the heat and add the butter and allow it to melt, mixing it until it emulsifies.
  • Pass the sauce through a sieve to remove any lumps and it is ready to serve. The sauce can be made last minute or beforehand, but is best served warm.

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