Valrhona Manjari 64% Chocolate
13 November 2022

Those of you who have followed me for a while or have done a live class will know that I am a big Valrhona fan. The chocolate may be one of the most expensive on the market, but the quality and depth of flavour you get is second to none in the mainstream market.

Valrhona Manjari, their 64% single origin is by far my favourite dark chocolate. The flavour that is packed in is incredible. The strong acidic and red fruit notes make it feel so complex and unique. It works really well in mousses, giving a punch of flavour that you can easily recognise as Manjari. Even when it is diluted with other ingredients.

Valrhona Manjari Flavour Pairings

You do need to watch out that you aren’t overpowering the other ingredients you are using. Something strong such as passion fruit, raspberry, or spices like cardamom work well. But flavours that are more subtle like pistachio or tonka bean will make them hard to pick out.

The beans are single origin from Andzavibe, Ambanja in Madagascar. This is just east of Madagascar’s northern tip. Here there is a plantation called Millot (named after its founder Lucien Millot in 1906). Here is where Valrhona produce a few of their milk and dark products. This includes Amatika 46%, which is a first-of-its-kind Madagascan single origin vegan chocolate.

Information on the plantation, sustainability and what Valrhona do in the local community can be found here.

Manjari chocolate is great for mousses so I’ve written my recipe below. It’s super light which allows the flavour to come through and it sets beautifully.

For anyone who isn’t a chef and used to seeing quick bullet point recipes like this, just get in touch and one of the team can help with some more specific steps.

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