Welcome to Autumn: Flavours for Fall
19 September 2022

As we bid farewell to the warm summer temperatures, bright sunny days and welcoming summer evenings, we see the trees changing colour, preparing us to welcome in Autumn.

With the crisp, cooler mornings and darker evenings drawing in, we prepare ourselves for the winter months of cooler weather, thick winter jumpers and hearty comfort food. According to Speciality Food Magazine, at this time of year, we typically enjoy warming dishes such as soups and broths and afternoon tea treats.

With the change of season, comes a change in fresh produce and flavours for us to enjoy. Wintery vegetables such as mushrooms, cauliflower and runner beans become abundant, as we see more autumnal colours hitting our supermarket shelves.

With the change in weather, we turn to more indoor activities to relax, often finding comfort in typical winter activities such as reading, cooking hearty dishes, and enjoying a range of winter films on the sofa.

With sofa-based activities, often come snacks! Why not give our Marshmallow and Toffee Popcorn a go – a perfect winter activity for all the family to enjoy before gathering on the sofa to enjoy a winter movie together. Sign up to follow our Online Tutorial here with our expert chefs to show you all the tips and tricks to making the perfect popcorn!

Believe us, deciding on the film will be more difficult than making popcorn!


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