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Titanium Dioxide & Carbon Black

Titanium Dioxide
Titanium dioxide or TiO2 is a naturally occurring mineral that is mined for the earth. The element is present in different crystalline forms such as anatase and rutile. It is processed and refined into a powder so it can be added to food.

Titanium dioxide is white in colour and is used to enhance the sheen and colour of certain foods. It is most notably used to brighten the colour of foods like dairy products, sweets and glazes. It is also used in foods that are sensitive to UV light. You can add a small amount of titanium dioxide to increase shelf life of food and prevent it from spoilage.


Carbon Black
Carbon black, also known as vegetable black is produced for carbonised vegetables. The chemical formula for this special ingredient is C3, which means it is pure carbon. This element is used to give a black or grey colour appearance to ashes or coatings.

A lot of controversy surrounds both these special ingredients. But when used in the right way and in recommended dosage, they can help enhance the colour of almost anything

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