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What is it?

Ultratex is a versatile thickening starch in the form of a powder, that can be added to hot and cold liquid in order to adjust thickness. It properties include it being tasteless, soluble, colourless, kosher and gluten free. It is so finely milled that upon adding a liquid it dissolves easily without lumping which makes it easy to use without having to be blended. As ultratex is tasteless is it great for flavouring without compromising the texture as one can add more or less powder as flavour is adjusted.

Ultratex Gold is very similar to normal ultratex, however it is faster acting version with a higher concentration, therefore less powder is needed to get liquids to their desired thickness. The gold version also has a slightly delayed thickening action to prevent over thickening.


How is it made?

Derived from waxy maize or tapioca, however it is highly processed therefore loses its gluten proteins thus making it gluten free. The starch in the powder swells in contact with liquid


How do I use it?

Add little by little of ultratex into your liquid, (stocks or sauces) whilst whisking. Leave to stand for a minute to let the starch swell before adding more until the desired thickness is reached. Ultratex can be used for thickening but also to make tuilles by spreading thickened gel onto a silpat mat and dehydrating. Typical usage levels in liquid systems can range from 2-5%. Once liquids are emulsified by the starch there is no possibility of seeping, splitting or films forming.

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